Save Your Smile, Stop Grinding!

Fast track plan 1

The fast track plan is designed to help you do certain exercises and take specific supplements in the correct order. If you do not understand some of the methods outlined in this plan please see the full ebook version. You will find the full ebook in the members area.

What to do
When you wake up
Perform the “ Stretch and Stretch Some More Exercise” This exercises is designed to start the day without any muscle tension around the jaw. The exercises is also used to relax the jaw from any clenching that may of happened the night before.

Get some sunlight as soon as you can after waking up.
With breakfast
Take 1 Magnesium 500mg supplement and a Vitamin B complex. Be sure to eat a complete breakfast.
With lunch
Take 1 Calcium 600mg and 1 Magnesium 500mg. Be sure to eat a complete lunch.
Exercise for 30 minutes. This doesn't have to be strenuous exercising, just make sure you are doing something active to tire yourself out. Avoid eating sweets.
At night
Avoid bright lights and try not to work, watch TV or use a computer in your bedroom.
Before bedtime
Do some simple relaxation exercises as outlined in the book. This is also the time to perform the “press and clench exercise”. Take 1 Calcium 600mg supplement.

Before you fall asleep
Make sure you fall asleep on your back as described in the book. Listen to your deep sleep binaural beats while you are falling to sleep. If you don't have these binaural beats they can be purchase here.
All times
Stay away from foods that require lots of chewing, including chewing gum. Don't consume alcohol and be sure to exercise during the day.

This plan usually takes a few weeks to become a habit but once you routinely follow the plan, your grinding and clenching will become a thing of the past. Follow every step for best results.

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